security holograms for FAKE id cards

Most people agree that making holograms for a fake id is the most difficult part of making a fake driver license. When making a fake id the holograms and other fake id security features MUST be authentic looking in every detail. 

Security holograms are very difficult to forge because they are replicated from a master hologram. They are used widely in banknotes, government identification, state driver licenses and even on fake driver's licenses.  These holograms (and therefore the artwork of these holograms) may be of two layers (i.e. with a background and a foreground) or three layers (with a background, a middle ground and a foreground). In the case of the two-layer holograms, the matter of the middle ground is usually superimposed over the matter of the background of the hologram. These holograms display a unique multilevel, multi-color effect. These images have one or two levels of flat graphics “floating” above or at the surface of the overlay hologram. The matter in the background appears to be under or behind the hologram, giving the illusion of depth.


Excellent Authentication for your products and documents! Authentic background, Authentic floating image, Authentic Micro text.Voidable, leaves "Void" if removed Self adhesive tamper evident hologram sticker. May be used on various surfaces to protect, secure and authenticate your items. Security Holograms are on sheets. Remove from the liner and apply security hologram over the document, goods or anything you want to protect. 

Hologram labels HAV40-94

A custom imprint (text or logo) is optional on this hologram. To purchase this hologram sticker plain with no imprint, see our Stock Hologram Stickers.

The base price includes a text imprint; logos require a one-time artwork fee. The standard imprint color is black or red. This hologram sticker includes a tamper evident feature, which self-destructs the hologram image when removed from the original surface. State governments are now beginning to use holograms on their birth certificates and online sellers of fake birth certificates are also incorporating them onto those certificates as well. 

Hologram Stickers

Exotic assortment of Holograms Stickers & Labels, which symbolizes the originality of the brand. These labels are designated by making use of premium grade materials and sophisticated printing techniques ensuring appealing appearance and offering complete security to the brand. The labels are provided with unique identity eradicating the possibility of duplicity and imitation of the novel brand. Pattern these labels and stickers in customized designs, shapes (oval, rounded corner, square, rectangular and round), sizes (varies between 10x10mm and 150x150mm), colors and patterns as per the requirements of our clients.