common fonts used in making fake ids

When creating your  novelty ID or fake driver license it is essential to use the proper font or typeface. Most people creating a fake id pay little attention to fonts.  A perfect fake id is more than just having the proper holograms, security features and encoding.  A person may have spent weeks perfecting the look of his/her fake driver license only to realize the fonts are not correct.  Below is one of the most common fonts used in state-issued driver licenses. More on fonts for all US driver licenses can be found at

Avenir Font

In drawing the AvenirŪ typeface, Adrian Frutiger looked to both the past and the future for inspiration. His goal was to reinterpret the geometric sans serif designs of the early part of the 20th century in a typeface that would portend aesthetics of the 21st century. He succeeded handsomely. In doing so, Frutiger added a bit of organic humanism to the design, freeing Avenir from the rigid geometric overtones of the earlier designs.