UV Ink Powders & Inks Used In Making A Fake ID
A critical part of making a fake id is the use of the proper UV inks and powders. Your Fake ID or Novelty ID must have the ability to glow under ultraviolet lights. If your fake id is printed without the use of UV inks it is basically worthless... and it will cause embarrassment to the user at the very  first place they try to use it. The use of UV inks in making a fake driver license is a MUST and should NOT be overlooked. 
PVC UV curable inkjet utilizing ultraviolet light is the fastest growing ink segment in the digital printing market, far surpassing the growth rates of aqueous and solvent based inks. UV ink capabilities include invisible fluorescent, visible fluorescent, ultraviolet invisible, IR invisible, UV longwave and shortwave, lightfast and non-lightfast, and more. Used in printing security features on drivers licenses, id cards and other forms of government and non-government identification cards and fake id templates.

UV (Black Light) Light Sensitive Powder and Paint

With these UV pigmnets  you can create security feature that glow under blue light. Ultra Violet Light Sensitive Phosphorus Powder or UV Phosphorus Powder is a product that glows only when exposed to UV light (black light). With a body color of white or light-green, these powders can glow in different colors like green, blue, yellow, purple, red and violet. These UV powders are also the common choice of professional fake id counterfeiters and individuals making their own fake driver licenses. These powders only glow when exposed to UV light. Remove the UV light source and they stop glowing. Glow effects are visible in both bright and dark environments, making it suitable for use even in semi-bright areas.