FAKE ID CARD overlaminates

ID cards can wear out quickly. Using an overlaminate layer to prolong the life of your plastic ID card and protect it from fraud and forgery. Overlaminate ribbons that effectively shield your ID Cards from abrasion, wear-and-tear and tampering by adding a protective coating that cannot be removed without damaging the card. Laminate coatings generally range from .06 mil to 1 mil thick, and can be clear or contain fraud-proof holographic images. Adding a laminate to your ID Card or Badge using UV Inks will save you money in the long run by protecting your PVC card stock, ID printer ribbons and card printing equipment. 

Globe Holographic Overlay

This Authentic Globe ID Hologram is priced aggressively with quantity discounts available. ID Holograms are a great source for security as seen on many drivers licenses and passports. Holographic imaging can be seen at an angle by capturing light but does not obstruct from the card design. Our holograms are printed on a specialty microfilm with an adhesive backside. To apply simply stick the film onto any ID Badge. Used by people to commit a variety of identity theft frauds.

0.6 mil Globe Holograph

Polyguard 0.6 mil Overlaminate with High Resolution Globe Design Holograph with "Secure" micro-text. The globe design enhances your security, while the .6 mil thickness provides security for moderate use or moderate ID Card lifespans, without compromising security.